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About Ranbar

Ranbar is one of the brands of Shanghai Jingyan Chemical. It originated from German craftsmanship and has been carried forward in China. With professional production, management and technical application as its core, and strict quality control, high quality and stability, the company is committed to providing high-quality pigment and dye coloring solutions to global customers, and constantly optimizing products to meet customer needs.

Our Services

We understand the unique requirements for pigments and dyes in different industries, so we not only offer a diverse range of standard products, but also provide customized solutions to meet specific customer needs, tailoring the most suitable products for them.

our values

We believe that honesty, cooperation and win-win situation are the keys to sustainable business development, always insist on focusing on customers’ needs, providing professional technical support and timely after-sales service to create greater value for our customers.


We focus on the application development of pigments and dyes, and our products are widely used in plastics, rubber, inks, paints, coatings, papermaking, culture and education, printing, printing paste and other industries.

plastic pigments

paint pigments

ink pigments

Why choose Ranbar pigments ?

Manufacturer of high performance pigment dyes

All the goods can be put into the warehouse only after passing the Ranbar quality test to qualified, ensure that every One grain pigment is genuine.


The headquarters and agents have dual inventory product reserves to ensure timely supply and ensure the production needs of customers.


Ranbar plans to spend 30% of its profits on product research and development and 30% on market promotion, with quality-oriented and high-quality service as its mission.


Ranbar has professional technicians and customer service team to provide professional pigment and dye application solutions.


Ranbar has a professional team of tutors for staff training, practical and practical training and experience exchange at each stage.


In Ranbar or its agents, the outstanding ones are more rewarded; for its monthly excellent selection, excellent agents will be selected for recognition and rewards at the end of the year.

Talk to your coloring solutions expert

We are committed to providing high-quality pigments and dye coloring problems to customers from all walks of life around the world, and constantly optimizing product solutions to meet customer needs.

our services

Custom color solutions

Free testing

Provide samples, templates, color cards and products for colors, explain performance requirements or environmental protection indicators, and immediately match the most suitable pigments

Free color matching

According to the original color and requirements, the pigments that best meet the needs of customers are prepared according to the incoming materials, samples, color cards, products, etc

Free sample

Adjust the provided pigment and dye samples according to your standard samples or requirements, or send samples according to our standard pigment and dye samples

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