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Irreversible photochromic pigment – Ranbar GS1409N

Ranbar GS1409N is a colorless to brownish-red irreversible photochromic pigment, which has a wide range of applications in anti-counterfeiting technology, quality control, temperature monitoring and other fields.

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Ranbar GS1409N Irreversible Photochromic Pigment


Name: Irreversible Photochromic Pigment

Model: Ranbar GS1409N

Color: Brownish-red

Appearance: Powder

Color Change: From colorless to brownish-red (Irreversible, may change yellow under extreme conditions)

Characteristics: Solvent resistance, oxidation resistance, high photosensitivity, vivid color, high saturation

Applications: Ink (screen printing), coatings


Product Description:

Ranbar GS1409N is an irreversible photochromic pigment that undergoes a color change from colorless to brown-red when exposed to light. The pigment is treated using microcapsule encapsulation technology, with a diameter ranging from 2 to 5 micrometers, presenting a powdery appearance. It features a protective coating on the surface, which safeguards the photochromic pigment from potential molecular structure damage due to high temperatures, oxidation, and other factors, providing excellent stability and durability.

The Ranbar GS1409N irreversible photochromic pigment can undergo a color change when exposed to light. However, this change is irreversible, meaning once the discoloration occurs, it cannot be restored to its original color state. This characteristic makes it suitable for applications in disposable products or security markings, among other fields.


Schematic diagram of irreversible photochromic pigment color change


When exposed to light, the molecules within the Ranbar GS1409N irreversible photochromic pigment undergo structural changes, resulting in a shift to a brown-red color. In contrast to reversible photochromic pigments, these changes are permanent and cannot be reversed to the original state. Even after the cessation of ultraviolet light exposure, the color remains in its altered state, without reverting to the pre-color change condition (Note: Under specific conditions, such as temperatures exceeding 80°C, the color may change to yellow).


Product Usage:
Irreversible photochromic pigments have extensive applications in anti-counterfeiting technology, quality control, temperature monitoring, and other fields. For example, they can be used to create anti-counterfeiting labels or product packaging. Under specific light conditions, these labels undergo irreversible color changes, aiding in the identification of authenticity or determining whether the product has been adversely affected by inappropriate storage or transportation conditions.


Storage method:
Ranbar Irreversible photochromic pigments should be sealed and stored in an airtight, dry, dark place, away from light, and protected from strong acids and alkalis, with a shelf life of 3 years.


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