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Oil-based Liquid Colorant – Ranbar Red KD385

Ranbar Red KD385 Liquid Colorant is a high-concentration bright red oil-based dye polymer. It is primarily used for coloring applications in the coatings industry.

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Ranbar Red KD385 Oil-based Liquid Dye Colorant


Ranbar Red KD385 Liquid Colorant is a highly concentrated bright red oil-based dye polymer. This product combines the light-absorbing properties of the chromophore with the stability of dye polymer materials. It features vibrant color, high transparency, strong coloring power, excellent light resistance, thermal stability, and outstanding migration resistance.


Ranbar Red KD385 Liquid Dye Colorant, free from heavy metals and halogens, can directly replace metal complex dyes. It is suitable for solvent-based coating systems, polyurethane systems, thermoplastic acrylic systems, etc. Widely used in applications such as wood coatings, metal baking paints, plastic paints, leather dyes, and specialty coatings.


Name:oil-based Liquid ColorantLightfastness: Grade 5
Brand: RanbarTemperature resistance: 180°C
Model: KD385Color concentration: 10%
Color: bright redValid period: 2 years
Form: liquidPacking: 25kg/drum


Product Features:

  • High transparency, vibrant colors, high gloss, and strong coloring power.
  • Excellent color stability and storage stability, good dispersibility, and migration resistance.
  • Free from heavy metals such as halogens, lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, etc.
  • Liquid dyes are easy to use, exhibit good compatibility with other resins, and are free from dust pollution.
  • Significant improvement in compatibility when the molecular structure used is similar to that of the dyed high molecular materials.


Ranbar Liquid Colorant Solution Photo


Application fields:

  • Wood Coatings: Compatible with most solvents and resins, especially suitable for coloring and coating in combination with nitrocellulose varnish, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, melamine resin, acrylic resin, amino resin, etc., in wood coatings. It exhibits outstanding stability.
  • Leather dyeing: It is suitable for all kinds of natural and synthetic leather dipping and dyeing coloring, as well as refinishing spraying coloring, which shows more excellent gloss and color fastness than the traditional leather dyes.
  • Metal Baking Paint: Its excellent solubility and coloring ability make it compatible with metal surfaces such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. It can be used in the baking paint process of automotive parts, home decor, machinery, and other metal products, providing excellent coloring and protection.
  • Plastic Paint: For coloring spray paint on plastic surfaces, it is compatible with various plastic materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. This makes it highly suitable for coloring and decorating plastic products such as automotive components, furniture, electronic equipment housings, and more.
  • Special Coatings: In the field of transparent decorative coatings, it can be used on the surfaces of materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, creating high transparency and gloss decorative effects. In low-temperature baking paint processes, oil-based liquid colorants can be used to color various materials at low temperatures, ensuring that the materials are not damaged or deformed during the coating process.


Add Ranbar Red KD385 Oil-based Liquid Colorant to the main resin or formulation, with a recommended dosage of 3% to 10%.


Ranbar Oil-based Liquid Colorant Model List:

Color and ModelLight ResistanceTemperature resistancePacking (kg/drum)CharacteristicsApplications
Red KD3855180℃25
High transparency

High migration resistance

RoHS certified

Free from heavy metals and halogens

Alternative metal complex dyes
Wood lacquer

Metal baking paint

Plastic paint

Leather finishing agent

Special coating
Red KD3355180℃25
Golden KD1905180℃25
Lemon-Yellow KD0814180℃25
Green KD9754180℃25
Sky Blue KD8554180℃25
Sapphire Blue KD7555180℃25
Violet KD8805180℃25
Black KDX455180℃25


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