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UV Color Changing Dye Ranbar Green DP4010

Ranbar Green DP4010 is a colorless to green UV color changing dye based on Spirooxazine, which has the characteristics of excellent stability and durability, strong adaptability, and low addition.

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Ranbar Green DP4010 UV Color Changing Dye


  • Name: UV Color Changing Dye
  • Model: Ranbar DP4010
  • Color: Colorless to Green
  • Appearance: White/gray-white powder
  • Chemical structure: Spirooxazine
  • Temperature Resistance: Up to 220°C
  • Characteristics: High transparency, high photosensitivity, solvent resistance, easy dispersion
  • Applications: Plastics, coatings, paints, printing inks


Molecular change structure diagram of Ranbar photochromic dyes


Product Description:

Ranbar Green DP4010 is a kind of Spirooxazine-based UV color changing dye, which can turn into a bright green color under sunlight or UV irradiation, and revert to its original color (white/gray-white) when sunlight or UV irradiation is removed.

Ranbar UV color changing dye possess excellent stability and durability, strong adaptability, low addition amount, and other characteristics. They do not change color under light exposure alone and need to be dissolved in other suitable carriers to achieve photosensitive color-changing effects.

Ranbar Green DP4010 UV color changing dye exhibits excellent photosensitivity, rapidly changing color within seconds. It can fully dissolve in the carrier to achieve a high transparency state, ensuring complete transparency of the system and effectively maintaining the transparency of products such as injection molding.


Ranbar UV Color Changing Dye Model Chart


Product Application:

Using Ranbar Green DP4010 UV color changing dye in various applications, such as silk screen printing an invisible pattern on a shirt, which only becomes visible on sunny days. It’s also possible to mix yellow UV color changing dye with blue dye to create a light blue shade that turns green when exposed to sunlight. Combinations like these offer endless possibilities for vibrant colors.

Ranbar UV color changing dye are simple and easy to use, simply add the dye to the base and mix thoroughly, the lower the proportion mixed into the medium the more transparent it will appear, it should be noted that mixing generates heat which may temporarily change the color of the mixture. The key is to experiment with the proportions of the mix to find the ratio that works best for your particular application. It is recommended to start with smaller additions and then add more until the desired color is obtained.


Storage and handling:
Ranbar UV color changing dye should be stored in a sealed, dry and dark place, avoiding direct sunlight.


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